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Since 1963

1963 - 2023

60 years of experience

Carryline, the inventor of the plastic chain conveyor, has led the development since 1963



With all products manufactured in-house in Kungälv Sweden, efficient logistics and distributors all over the world,

we are the leading conveyor manufacturer today.

Industries that use Carryline products

Food industry 


Nicotine products



Plastic injection moulding


Medtech, Pharmaceuticals

OEM Components


​At Carryline, we always work based on understanding the needs of different industries. In addition, together with our customers, being part of the development and creating innovations, makes us extremely proud.

​Industries we, together with our customers, have successfully worked with.

Carryline ledande inom transportörer, spiraltransportörer, conveyors och profilsystem

Highest environmental standards

We always work according to the highest environmental standards and use recyclable, eco-friendly materials in our components and production.


For many years, Carryline has been certified according to ISO 14001/9001 standards and is audited annually by Lloyds

Example on customers & partners

All-in-house partner

Carryline manufactures all components in-house in Kungälv, Sweden, all the way from concept to finished, tested systems. We produce plastic chains and components in our fully automated plastics hall around-the-clock, all year-round. We manufacture aluminium and steel parts in our mechanical workshop.


These components are then assembled according to the layout custom made for your project. The installation is then tested and labelled as inspected before disassembly and delivery.

Carryline ledande inom transportörer, spiraltransportörer, conveyors och profilsystem
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