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We’ve been moving things for our customers since 1963

Carryline by Ulf Henrekson

Carryline was founded in 1963 by Ulf Henrekson who had previously worked as a consultant/technical manager in matters that concerned material handling.

As a matter of fact, he was first in the world with the idea of replacing conveyors made from steel with aluminium beams housing a plastic chain.

Ulf joined a number of basic units together according to the Mekano principle to form a conveyor system.


During the 1970s, manufacturing picked up speed in Kungälv. A little later, the system was discovered by SKF and other manufacturing companies,

who saw the advantages of using conveyors between their machines.


Carryline, which is still family-owned, has with its own development, own manufacturing, efficient logistics and dealers all over the world,

taken place as one of the leading players on the market.

Swedenproduced for 60 years 



1963 by Ulf Henrekson

Environmental certification

ISO 14001:2004

Quality certification

ISO 9001:2000


Highest credit rating
Gold Seal according to UC
Triple AAA since 1999

Our mission

To develop, manufacture and market conveyor systems and to create solutions that contribute to a more efficient manufacturing industry.

Our foundation stones

- Focus on customers
- Own manufacturing
- Innovative thinking
- Job security


Fast service & flexibility

A flat organisation and short decision-making pathways means Carryline customers can count on fast service.

Furthermore, producing virtually all of the components in-house means a very high level of flexibility when it comes to designing the conveyor systems we deliver. 


“Unique customer solutions are not unique for Carryline”

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