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From concept to finished system

We offer every Carryline customer the absolute best conditions for making the right decision from

the very beginning to create a long-term, profitable and sustainable business. 


Together, we review your situation and your wishes and establish a sustainable project

that results in your receiving the solution that best meets your needs.

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Example on customers & partners

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Flexible, customisable profile system

The Carryline profile system is a flexible, highly regarded structural system based on aluminium profiles.

The profiles are used in a range of different structures and applications such as machine covers, stands, carts, worktables and benches.


Thanks to its flexibility, the applications are virtually infinite. Today, Carryline has customers all over the world who have adapted their unique systems using Carryline’s profile system.


Based on our customers wishes and requirements specification, Carryline takes full responsibility. 

We design, build and deliver complete or parts of profile systems.


Profile systems from Carryline can be changed smoothly and easily to adapt to your specific production line.

For us, being flexible means handling each project as unique.

Draw your own constructions

If you wish to construct your own equipment, there are STEP files on profiles and peripherals to download under chapter S100.

Follow this link:

Starting from era specific and unique conditions, you develop a solution that suits you.

We are happy to help if needed

If you don't have the opportunity to design yourself or you need a little support in your work, we will be happy to help in consultation with you to produce layouts for what you want.


We can then either assemble it for you or send it as a kit in de lenghts  and the number of components you need to assemble your equipment.

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