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We are present in 30 countries

Availability - part of Carryline

An important part of Carryline's offer is that it should be easy to get in touch with us, get clear answers and quick decisions.

With partners all over the world

Carryline - A company in constant development

With faster production, less time for production changeovers and constantly new packaging designs, a system that can cope with the high demands of the market is required.
Carryline meets these requirements and is expanding strongly.

Do you have a project that you want to discuss with one of our partners or dealers or are you perhaps interested in collaborating with us?

Contact us at  +46 10-130 73 00    
or go to our contact page >

Our Partners

Carryline with partners and retailers
available today in the following countries:


Australia - Norway - Belgium - China - Denmark - Finland  France - Turkey - Germany - Indonesia - Ireland - Japan  Latvia  Luxembourg - Malaysia - Holland - Poland 
Russia - Spain - Singapore - Switzerland - England - USA
Greece - Cyprus - Bulgaria - Albania
North Macedonia - Romania - Serbia

Sweden & Norway

In Sweden and Norway, we sell and install directly to end customers, OEMs and automation companies.

The rest of the world

In the rest of the world, we work with a strong and experienced team of dealers & partners who have long experience implementing Carryline's system.

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