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Carryline & Snus

Hello in today’s globalized world, there are high demands for efficient and reliable transport solutions across various industries.


One such industry where precision and reliability are of utmost importance is the nicotine industry, especially when it comes to the transportation of snus cans. With over 60 years of experience, we at Carryline are world leaders in transport for, for example, snus cans. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry make us a trusted partner for companies in the nicotine industry striving for high quality and reliability in their transport solutions.

Our small radius spirals are specifically adapted to meet the needs of the nicotine industry for vertical transportation of snuff containers. Their compact design and ability to transport products vertically with high precision make them an ideal choice for companies that need to move snus cans between different levels in the production process. By using small radius spirals, companies can maximize space and streamline their production process while ensuring gentle handling of the snus containers.

Vertical transport 

In addition to gentle handling, our conveyor belts also offer high precision, accuracy, and reliability in the transport process. This is crucial in the nicotine industry, where even the smallest error can lead to losses or quality issues. Our conveyor belts are known for their high operational reliability and low maintenance requirements, which are important for ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted production process. We understand that even short downtime can lead to significant losses, so our technology is designed to minimize such risks.

Precision and reliability

One of the main advantages of our conveyor belts when it comes to transporting snus cans is the gentle handling of the products. Snus cans are often delicate and can be easily damaged if not handled properly. Our conveyor belts are designed to minimize the risk of damage by using soft materials and a smooth transport process that reduces stress on the products.

Advantages of our conveyor belts

Successful collaboration between Swedish Match and Carryline

- Swedish Match and Carryline have had a successful collaboration for many years. Carryline has been one of our top suppliers, especially during the establishment of our factory, which opened in 2003. Their technical solutions and flexibility have been invaluable to our production.


Carryline offers innovative transport solutions that perfectly fit our needs, whether it’s moving boxes, cartons, or finished cans between different machine parts. Their experience and technical expertise have helped us find the best solutions, contributing to our success.

When we rebuild and improve our production, we always see Carryline as a natural partner. Their proximity to our factory in Kungälv facilitates the collaboration, allowing us to easily discuss technical details both through Teams meetings and physical meetings.


Carryline is a reliable partner that supports us on our journey towards constantly improving and developing our operations.

Annika Molander

 Swedish Match - Technical Project Manager

As pioneers in the industry, we were the first in the world to introduce plastic chain conveyors in aluminum profiles.

We have our own production of all components, including high-tech plastic production for all chains and plastic parts internally in Kungälv. By having full control over the manufacturing process, we can ensure high quality and customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Our ability to produce internally means that we can quickly adapt and develop our solutions to meet the unique challenges and demands of the nicotine industry.

Own production

We work together with our customers to develop the best solution for their specific factory. With our unique experience and specially designed products for snus cans, we can help avoid errors from the start and create an efficient and reliable transport infrastructure that meets the customer’s unique needs. We are not only experts in the transport of snus cans but also offer a wide range of additional services and support to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Everything from installation support to technical support and maintenance.

Collaboration and support

An important feature of our conveyor belts is their flexibility and adaptability. The nicotine industry is dynamic and often requires rapid changes and adjustments in the production process. Our conveyors can easily be adapted and configured to meet specific requirements and needs, making them an ideal solution for companies in the nicotine industry that need flexibility and scalability in their transport infrastructure.

Flexibility and adaptability

CARRYLINE FEB 2022-9.jpg

Carryline: A reliable partner for Swedish Match

-  A major advantage of Carryline is their reliability. They always meet delivery times and offer necessary support during and after installations. The fact that we are both based in Kungälv is an additional benefit that simplifies collaboration.


Swedish Match has a vision to create a world without cigarettes, and our long-term collaboration with Carryline plays an important role in achieving this goal. They have delivered high-quality products that have been in operation since the factory was built and have shown a remarkable ability to adapt to changes in our production.


As part of Philip Morris, we look forward to new opportunities and a bright future for our factory in Kungälv, with Carryline as a continued important partner.

Jenny Bjerkliden

 Swedish Match - Project manager

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