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Aluminum & Stainless

From concept to finished systems

We offer every Carryline customer the absolute best conditions for making the right decision from

the very beginning to create a long-term, profitable and sustainable business. 


Together, we review your situation and your wishes and establish a sustainable project

that results in your receiving the solution that best meets your needs.

Example on customers & partners


Releases  floor space

Our customers naturally want to keep as much factory floor space as possible for optimal production. Arranging flows beneath the ceiling releases valuable floor space for an efficient increase in production without having to build an extension.


Carryline spiral conveyors also free up floor space for trucks and personnel, limiting the risk of exposing your products to unnecessary contacts

From floor to ceiling

Innovative, flexible Carryline spiral conveyors enable you to easily move your various products to the desired height before conveying them on to e.g. your palletising station.


Our standard conveyor systems are designed to absorb a certain degree of accumulations, which means short production stoppages will not cause any problems.

Structural materials

The aluminium profiles are anodised for corrosion protection, and the chains do not need greasing.


Stainless steel conveyors with Carryline plastic chains are ideal for high-demand environments e.g. in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Aluminum, Stainless & Plastic

While stainless steel profiles are primarily designed for the food production industry with its specific, stringent hygiene standards, they can also be used in wet environments where cleaning often is needed.


Our plastic chains are made from the highest quality plastic and are approved for contact with food. They are made in our own factory in Kungälv, Sweden, guaranteeing us full control over quality.

Basic specifications

  • Material: Aluminum or stainless steel

  • Chain widths etc.: 83, 140 & 220

  • Max load: 15kg/m

  • Minimum radius: From R300 and up

  • Input/output direction: 0°-360°

  • Speed: 5m/min to 50m/min

  • 1 drive unit/spiral


Aluminum or stainless steel or a mixture is set up according to your specific factory requirements.


Carryline conveyors and spirals are always custom made to fully meet your requirements and factory layout in the best way.

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